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Angel Archives - 2/06/2023

Dress up Tuesday! Apple is holding a 80's - 90's dress up day on Tuesday 6th June! Suggestions - bike shorts, puffy sleeves, boxy blazers, scrunched socks and sneakers.... who else wore layered socks?

Saturdays at The CastleWe are off to a slow start. We need a few more so we can start arranging fun outings. If you’re interested, contact the office (bookings essential)

Emails for Respite and RostersPlease send all emails for care/rostering to (please continue to cc: admin mailbox while we introduce the new mailboxes)

Please note, we will not be using the respite email address

Precious Angels Office Hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. If the office is closed, please contact the afterhours number (0421 521 750). The afterhours phone is shared between Amanda during the week and Kayla on weekends.

Mackay Office Number (07) 4846 1964. Mackay Afterhours number 0493 248 053.

From the desk of Amanda:

I've had some time to watch our Angels interacting this week, with each other and our fabulous participants, and I feel proud of the company we are building here at Precious Angels. Our staff build genuine connections with each other, and the participants they support. Not only within their teams, but across the company as a whole.

Our Angels have connections with our participants, their families and across the community, and I hope they all realise how special this is. We have so many fabulous carers here at Precious Angels, and it gives me confidence we are on the right track for our continuing growth and development.

I'm also excited about the administration team we are building. Apple continues to drive our sensory program here at The Castle, and you dont have to look too far to see how well this program is going. Our Respite Coordinator Kayla continues to grow and learn, and is working on creating respite programs for our participants to achieve their specific NDIS Goals of living full and interesting lives, and participate in community activities. We are actively looking for a new respite home also!

Dillon continues training as my successor and is taking on more responsibility within this capacity. Rob is also taking on increasingly more administration work around HS&E and Reporting, and continues to support our team with Brevity. Zena is managing the day to day administration duties, and Brendan is providing support where needed (as well as continuning his primary care duties).

And we have changes in our Mackay Branch also! Sadly, we have lost 2 key staff in Mackay in recent weeks - our Respite Coordinator Teharney has tendered her resignation, as has our Operations Manager Ian Castle. Ian remains as a Director of our Organisation, but will cease his day to day duties as Operations Manager. At present these duties will be shared between myself, Rob and Dillon. We wish to thank Ian for his almost 3 years as Operations Manager, helping to guide, direct and grow our little company into the thriving organisation we have today. With Ian staying on as a Director, we know he will continue to offer support and guidance.

We have sent Angel Mel to Mackay to help them out, so we know they are in good hands.

I cant believe it is already June! Its time to start thinking about the school holidays (I know! 3 weeks from today!)

Stay warm (and dry!)

Coming up at The Castle

We've had ourselves a great time this fortnight. We've been to SWARA for some music with DEAi, headed to the pub for lunch, had fun playing musical bingo and wheelchair dancing (posted to facebook) and did some group reading. We absolutely love sharing great times with our participants.

Out with the Angels

We go all over, from taking participants to the RSPCA to volunteer, to encouraging learning and sensory play at Karawatha Discovery Centre with Asha, the main thing is that our participants are having fun!

Out in Mackay

As you know, we have a respite home in Mackay. Here are some great snaps of some of our participants out and about with the Mackay Crew. Especially proud of Charlotte getting materials and doing some sewing :)

Photo of the Week

This fortnight's winner features Derek, looking super adorable!

Angel of the Fortnight

We're happy to celebrate Monique, our exceptional Castle 2IC. Always cool like a cucumber and a holiday armadillo, Monique is an integral part of the Precious Angels family and we're stoked to celebrate her.

Upcoming Birthdays - June Edition

3rd Jonny*

4th Michael

5th Dianne*

6th Casey*

8th Hailey

10th Sam

12th Ethan C

19th Ivan*

22nd Toni *

22nd Lillian

25th Mekhayla*

26th Amina*

Note: Asterisks denote Precious Angels team member

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