Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. For the first time in 12 years - I had a decent break!! I got to be an adult for a whole weekend and that was absolutely amazing! Also, Caleb came home and has been quite relaxed and not over-stimulated. He actually had a couple of tears wanting to know when he can go back!! Your team is absolutely amazing and I spoke about you in the Autism Parents FB group for Australia and many people were wanting to know all about you. Again, thank you so much for being interested in wanting to make this successful and once I have more funds secured for Caleb - he will be back :) This has helped him so much in terms of being away from me and learning about different people and children. xx


Our family has been delighted with the support offered by Precious Angels. The Carers are reliable, friendly and adaptable. We truly trust them and are confident in their abilities. They always bring a happy face and compassion for our family. We are grateful to have met these people who have assisted in enriching Eamonn’s life.