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Angel Archives - 09/02/2024

TRAINING - Dillon and Kayla are putting the finishing touches on your Support Worker annual training. A pre-learning survey/questionaire will be sent out next week.

VAN's - Mackay have purchased a KIA Carnival, and Brisbane have a Volkswagen Caravelle. The volkswagen currently holds one wheelchair and we can upgrade it to two wheelchairs in the future. Support staff will need to read the associated new policies and procedures, but this is a very exciting realisation of a long held goal. The Brisbane Van will be operational from Monday 12 February.

2024 Voice of Queenslanders with Disability Survey now open

Queenslanders with disability are invited to have their say on their experiences, successes and challenges as part of a ‘Voice of Queenslanders with Disability’ survey.  Now in its second year, the survey aims to help government, business and service providers to understand what is working in different areas – such as employment, getting support, and health and wellbeing – and enhance services and programs. More information is available here: Voice of Queenslanders with Disability Survey - Queenslanders With Disability Network ( (QR Code will be included in email and on our facebook page)

Charity Dance

Precious Angels will be working more on our "Charity" this year, and we'd like to organise a family dance in May. Apple and Amanda are looking for voluteers to help with planning.

Precious Angels Office Hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. If the office is closed, please contact the afterhours number (0421 521 750).

The afterhours phone is shared between Amanda and Dillon during the week and Kayla on weekends.

Mackay Office Number (07) 4846 1964. Mackay Afterhours number 0493 248 053.

Love our service? - If so, we'd appreciate leaving us a review on Google. <3

From the desk of Amanda

How exciting! We have a wheelchair vehicle! We will be getting some signage for it in the coming weeks, but this is a very exciting realisation of a long held goal. We all know what my next BIG GOAL is.

I am very happy with the training Dillon and Kayla have been working on for our Support Workers. We are focusing on "the basics" to ensure all support workers know what we as an organisation expect from each and every Support Worker. We have many wonderfully empathetic, caring, skilled carers, and ensuring everyone shares the same vision and passion for caring is essential for our continued growth.

I have been thinking about how we can grow the charity side of our organisation, and Apple and I would like to arrange a family dance in May. We have a venue in mind, and a theme, we just need some volunteers to help make it happen.


@The Castle

Thank you Sheree and Claire for coming to help us work on using AAC (PODDs) and incorporating them in to some sensory fun to help us connect with our participants. This week at The Castle we've celebrated the Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon - and next week for Valentine's we'll be focussing on Family Love. <3

Apple's Castle Program:

Out with the Angels

Haircuts, games and good times - our carers have been assisting our participants to engage in activities and helping to develop their daily living skills. We ventured into the community and had a bit of a dance at the Sunnybank Community Club. We also started getting our participants ready to start the new year at school, very exciting!

All in all a lovely fortnight <3

Don't forget to check facebook for extra photos too.

Photo of the Week

We have a happy Toby for this weeks photo! Engaging with his speechy and having a great time, we think this photo is fantastic!

Angel of the Fortnight

Tanya is a new face at Precious Angels Mackay and she's taken to us like a duck to water.

Her empathy and genuine care for our participants is great and exactly what we like to see :)

Thanks for coming on board and hitting the ground running.

Birthdays - February Edition

1st - Lillian

3rd - Jeydi*

4th - Bryce

5th - Tiffany

5th - Mikayla*

10th - Hika*

15th - Caleb

20th - Brendan*

23rd - Mellany*

Asterisks denote Precious Angels team members

Angel Anniversary's!






We acknowledge the Yuggera and Yuwibara people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which our centres are located and where we meet, work, and learn. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge all other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who call our region home.

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